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International Students

We offer short term accommodations for international students at discounted pricing.   

To qualify you must have an employer and be travelling on a J1 status.

Our minimum stay is 7 days our maximum stay is 28 days

Our goal is to assist international travelers with a safe and affordable place to stay for a short period of time.   We have found that housing is easier to find once you have arrived in Wildwood.  

We are a perfect for you if one of the following apply to you

  • You are arriving prior to your housing starting.   This a a big advantage in finding 2nd jobs and avoiding the rush of students between May 21st and June 16th

  • You have not found housing and would prefer to meet the landlord to avoid scams or committing to housing that is not appropriate for you

  • You would like to travel when your work is expired in September

For more information submit a reservation request

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