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Welcome to our latest venture

Jen and Den would like to welcome you to our latest venture. We have the awesome opportunity to preserve a piece of Wildwood. We have a unique vision for our hotel. We will be updating the hotel in a few different phases.

Phase 1 will be updating rooms so they are adorable and functional in todays world. We will also be placing our intentions on the courtyard to create an environment that will feel secluded and luxurious. We will be running up against a tight timeline before the summer season kicks off to renovate our hotel and are making preparations to have a limited number of rooms ready for the start of the 2022 season.

Phase 2 will be ongoing in 2022- We will begin overhauling rooms on an ongoing basis.

Phase 3 will take place during the offseason. we will overhaul the remaining rooms and be making major improvements that we will not be able to complete prior to our initial season.

We hope that you will choose to support us in this venture by offering us the opportunity to have you as a guest in our initial season.


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