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Team Events

Hotel takeover

Discover unbeatable value at our Wildwood NJ hotel! You and your crew can enjoy exclusive access to 14 rooms accommodating up to 50 people. Experience the comfort of our well-appointed rooms, make use of our inviting lounge, and take advantage of the fully equipped kitchen. It's the perfect getaway at an affordable price!"

Why choose us

Our family-owned motel (we just couldn't resist the H.O.M.E acronym!) welcomes you with open arms, hearty laughs, and genuine hospitality. Picture this: our inviting courtyard, wrapped in the coziness of a family atmosphere, becomes your ultimate haven for relaxation and group shenanigans. We've got space galore, perfect for families and squads looking to kick back and let loose. As the proud owners of this little slice of paradise, we're all about giving you that personalized, 'home away from home' feel. Whether you're in town for cheerleading, wrestling, or band adventures, we've got your back, tailoring our accommodations to your every whim. So, why choose us? Because we're not just a place to stay; we're your partners in creating epic memories. Your adventure begins at our H.O.M.E!"

Making memories

Committed to ensuring your stay is nothing short of perfect, our CMOs "Chief Memory Officers" go above and beyond. Enjoy personalized services, including pre-arrival grocery delivery, a warm welcome party with delightful snacks and beverages, and the option to unwind under the stars with our outdoor movie screen. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Make it a long weekend

We believe in making every moment count, which is why we invite you to arrive early and leave late with our exclusive perks. All our Team EVENT packages come with the luxury of Early Check-in and Late Checkout, allowing you to savor every second of your stay. But that's not all – when you book our full hotel for Friday and Saturday, we sweeten the deal by throwing in Thursday night check-ins and Monday morning checkouts. It's our way of ensuring you get the most out of your getaway, creating an extended escape where relaxation knows no bounds. Your time with us isn't just a stay; it's a leisurely experience designed to embrace every precious momen

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